For assistance on how to setup your email account please select your mail program by clicking on the link below.  
Microsoft Outlook | Outlook Express (XP) | Windows Mail (Vista)
Follow this guide to collect your email using the new default email application in Windows Vista
  1. Click on Start and then Windows Mail.
  2. When Windows Mail has opened, click on Tools.

  3. Vista - Windows Mail - Tools
    Windows Mail > Tools

  4. Then click on Accounts.

  5. Vista - Windows Mail - Accounts
    Windows Mail > Tools > Accounts

  6. Next click on Add... and select E-Mail Account .

  7. Vista - Windows Mail - Add account
    Windows Mail > Tools > Accounts

    Vista - Windows Mail - Add Mail
    Email Account

  8. You'll then be asked to enter a name (e.g. Your full name. Emails that you send to people will use what you write here in the "from" field). Click Next.

  9. Vista - Windows Mail - full name
    Your full name

  10. Now add your email address and click Next. This address will be stored in the emails you send. If someone clicks on the reply button, this is the email address that will be used for that reply. If you make an error many of the emails that are sent to you may not reach you.

  11. Vista - Windows Mail - email address
    Your email address

  12. Next you will see a screen asking you to confirm your incoming and outgoing email servers. Make sure that you select your incoming email server as POP3.

  13. Incoming mail server (POP3) is pop.itdsl.co.za
    Outgoing mail server (SMTP) is smtp.isdsl.co.za

    Vista - Windows Mail - email address
    Your server settings

  14. Next you will need to add your account username or mailbox name, then the password.
    Your username will be all lowercase letters, your password is case sensitive. Make sure these are correct, if they are wrong you won't be able to get your email. Once added click Next.

  15. Vista - Windows Mail -username and password
    Your username / mailbox and password

  16. The congratulations screen will now appear. Click on Finish to complete setup.

    You can choose to not check for email when you first start Windows Mail by ticking the option box.

  17. Vista - Windows Mail -username and password